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Death By Reality In Little Theatre

Staring Steady Onx, Teto Mokaila, Gauta Eyman, Susan Ramogodi and Thato Tidimane. The Little Theatre, snuggled inside the National Museum will this weekend August 30, stage Death By Reality, written and directed by Nicholas Ramogodi.

Death By Reality is a theatre play that follows the journey of a young man overwhelmed by his perception of what he, other people and his late father’s expectations of him. What is revealed in his will leaves him at a crossroads and he must make a decision. Regression or progression, self destruction or pro-creations these are tangled in chains and webs of a reality he must pick. “This the first of many projects I want to do, the idea is to expose talent.” revealed Ramogodi to BW Entertainment News. The curtains will open at 1800hrs to the 45mins long play, age restricted 16 and tickets are selling at P50.

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Botswana Fashion Makes Headlines at the just ended Africa Fashion Week London 2014

From us BW Entertainment News, we would love to applaud and congratulate Tsholo Dikobe and Gaone Mothibi for have been recognised and awarded “INNOVATIVE DESIGNER OF THE YEAR AWARD” at the AFRICA FASHION WEEK LONDON 2014 for their MOGAGOLWANE collection.

“Wow, this award feels like a special ultimatum. We are thrilled to see this award go beyond fashion and vanity!” Posted Tsholo Dikobe on her Facebook account.

“We’ve Learnt that, There’s no such thing as a destination because the journey never ends. Never ask for directions , be where you are and explore. Don’t believe in borders, because borders only fence you in…but always understand that there is another territory besides your comfort. So do dream far and beyond, do believe in your dreams. This award shows that creativity is not limited to distance nor borders but creativity is from the heart. We are truly ecstatic and honoured to receive such an award!”

We can never thank you enough for your continued love and support. Thank you to the AFWL esteemed judges, Regina, our friends and families and all our day 1 believers. We where so shocked to see other Batswana and Africans show us that authentic love. We truly and deeply appreciate you. Love and light…to designs/art/music/ that feeds on dangerous freedom ,than peaceful slavery. Thank you. - GaTsh Fros.” Tsholo Dikobe.

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MyStar, Bianca Gabasiane’s Wedding Plans

Wedding Bells, Wedding Bells! The winner of My Star 2011, Bianca Gabasiane is said be tying the knot pretty soon. According to sources near the bride, the wedding has been scheduled for sometime in September this year at GICC. The wedding plans follow unpleasant public social media remarks after rumours of the 23 year old withdrew from school to pursue singing.

It is said that Gabasiane had been studying film in South Africa, City Varsity when she came to the decision that she just wants to focus on her singing career alone, explains our source. Her studies were part of her prize package as the winner of the season.

Bianca Gabasiane, whose song ‘Jesus Lives’ had vouch for her win, is no stranger to the gospel music industry and to pursue her talent in this field has indeed been a dream come true. Raised from a musical family, Pastor Gabasiane has in no doubt brought up some of Botswana’s best. With her siblings Punah Gabasiane leading the jazz scenes, Oarabile staring in a local tv drama Ntwakgolo as well as Towella and Omolemo making waves in My Star and the choral music industry.

Nothing has been confirmed to us at BW Entertainment News as to whom the lucky groom is but hints on her Whatsapp have left us in awe of the love that transpires between the two. From our news room, we wish you all the best MadamB *ululations*

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Cartertainment Corner -NIJEL THE GOLDEN BOY-

Sam Carter

Sam Carter

So that kid Nijel got position one in the 800m race at the Common Wealth Games.

Did you guys see him? He ran like he was competing with his shadow! I was cheering at the top of my lungs…Nijel! Nijel! Nijel! Till my neighbour kicked me out of his house for waking his kids up. Stupid kids, sleeping while Nijel is running for our country. Kids ain’t loyal. I really need to buy a TV. Anyway, I’m proud of that boy, he surely has put our country on the map. Well done Amos, well done. But there is only one question I need to ask…you know me, I just have to:

Am I the only one who feels Nijel has no business running around in Sasa Klass’s pants? Rumour has it that the two are an item. I mean…what the hell? What is Sasa thinking? Nijel? (Ok I lied…its more than one question) No offence but the guy is not handsome, not by any stretch of the imagination. BUT…he’s got cash. Granted. So am I saying Sasa is a gold digger? Umm…no, you guys are putting words in my mouth. She just happens to like a not so good looking guy who runs like his butt is on fire, whom she has nothing in common with, and happens to have money. It happens all the time. Its normal. Just that people like to label it gold digging. But I don’t label, I was taught better than that at sunday school.

And if any of you guys tell Nijel that I said any of these things, I’ll show you guys what running is. I am with no doubt one a fast runner, just that most of the time I need a little encouragement…like and angry lion, and angry husband/boyfriend…you know, something that dangerous…in this case, an angry Nijel. He’d never catch me. These kind of couples that comprise of two people who are from different worlds bother me…but at the same time pique a tremendous amount of interest and curiosity. Like…what exactly do they talk about? Can you picture Sasa and Nijel having a conversation? I mean…one is from English medium school and the other one from Engrish medium school…so, its a train wreck, no doubt. Have you read his posts on facebook? He really needs a facebook account manager, seriously. He is known internationally for Christ’sake! We can’t have Kenyans laughing at our star after he beat theirs. Its unacceptable. Hire me Nijel, I’ll manage it for you. And Sasa, she could have picked anyone really…there are so many good looking guys out there, me for instance. I am really interesting. I can cook tswii. That’s interesting and you know it.

I am not one to talk about people’s relationships, but it looks like both Sasa and Nijel need me…for different reasons.

In conclusion, all I am saying is congratulations Nijel, well done. Well done my guy. The odds were against you but you did it. You are an inspiration to most guys out there. I’m sure people never thought you could pull it off, but hey you proved them wrong. You struck gold.

And oh, congrats about the whole running and winning a gold medal thing. That was cool too.


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Harmonic Angel Takes Botswana by Storm

Performing at Botswana Craft, Mmammati and Boleke

Performing at Botswana Craft, Mmammati and Boleke

After an absolutely moving performance, the trio walked out of stage leaving the audience in awe. They wanted more, tears and screams escorted the band out, and the audience wouldn’t stop. I was captivated too; I had come into the concert with a massive head ache which seemed to have dissolved away instantly. This was a straight up standing ovation marvel, they deserved it. I thought to myself that night, through this young band Botswana indeed has finally found its voice. Through them we will be known world wide. BW Entertainment News brings you Harmonic Angel, a trio band of Tiego Bouyson Seitshiro, Godiraone Mimi Moje and Bojosi Mary Ntseane. Know more about them here.

Harmonic Angel

Harmonic angel is a God given name to us, it is without an ‘S’ on purpose. It signifies the sweet melody of an angel, our band name means unity. Tiego had always talked of a young girl who sings like an angel, one day at Georges, there she was on stage. She blew me away and on the 16th of March 2013 the band was born.

Harmonic Angel is a folk Jazz band; although initially we hadn’t set out to do this genre, we are pleased we ended up here. Tiego who taught me how to strike the strings, is the only guy in the band, he plays the rhythm guitar. He’s also the oldest one; he’s 24 and quite humorous too. Our lead singer is Mimi; people always confuse her for a 16 year old but she’s actually 22. Then there is me, Bojosi I am 23 and the lead guitarist. We are more like a family, each one us contributes an essence of who they are into the band Harmonic Angel. We laugh at lot when we are together which makes rehearsals very fun.

Our Songs

It’s always magic when we compose songs, Tiego and I set the rhythm then Mimi puts the melody and gives the song life. She’s is amazing on stage to look at and we always do our best to complement. Harmonic Angel performs live on stage and it makes us to really stand out. Our songs are mostly based on folk tales, we then re-make the song into our own. Botswana has played a great deal in inspiring us as a band. For example we have songs like ‘Mmammati’, a popular folk song we have all sang growing up. Others include ‘Boleke’ which is a hide and seek game we used to play as kids. We can sing about ‘Chuele’ to donkey carts depending on where the inspiration pulls us.

Our First Performance

We used to do a lot of cover songs; I still remember our first performance together. I had just stepped out of the bus from Serowe with my shorts and was told we have a performance in Main Mall. It was a Breast Cancer Awareness commemoration and we performed ‘My heart will go on’ by Celine Dion as well as ‘Dikeledi’ by Mr Swabi. The audience loved us and it felt very good. We were humbled and have been performing since then.

Achievements, Performances, Challenges

We are not signed under any record label, we are taking our time. But it’s something we are looking into, maybe soon. Right now we perform a lot at weddings and parties and we’d really love to grow our platforms into higher events. Big events such as Fête de la Musique, which we performed at a few weeks ago, are very helpful in terms of exposure. But the problem is they only come once in a year. We recently got awarded third position at the President’s Day Competitions, we are very happy with our achievement more so that it was our first time there. We have worked a lot with the UB Poetry Society too and they have been very helpful in giving us a platform to show case our talents. Harmonic Angel is very much open to more event invitations and can reach us on our facebook page.

Harmonic Angel in five years

We are all still at school but would love to make music a full time career. We really look up to South African award winning Afro-Fusion Band, Freshly Ground. We are working hard to bench mark with them and I know we will get there. As Harmonic Angel we want to see our music feed us and pay our bills. From where we are standing the future really looks bright and we can’t complain.

From us at BW Entertainment News, all the best guys. Please take a moment to view their performance at Botswana Craft, performing ‘Mmamati’ and ‘Boleke’.

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Find Out Which BW Celebrities Where Spotted at Big Brother Africa S9 Auditions

Oneal and Feza source: www.thepressphoto

Oneal and Feza source: http://www.thepressphoto

Cresta President Hotel in Main mall was set alight this past weekend with BW celebrities flocking up the place for Big Brother Africa Season 9 auditions. The show which is hoped to air this September as always was the talk of the town, attracting a large number of Gaborone’s most elite, fashion icons, musician, models, djs and presenters.

The auditions which were held in three rooms, had others in smiles while others were left in tears to the news of their dreams coming to an end. The recipients of the Golden tickets where awarded another chance to prove why they deserve the house mate spot the following day, Sunday the 6th. Amongst the golden ticket finalist and also standing a pretty good chance to represent the country include the likes of ATI, Gugu Mavuma, Miss Universe Botswana Shirley, Norah one of Botswana’s top models, DjFizz and Peach Kereemang. The likes of Bonolo Magowe, Oarabile Gabasiane of Ntwakgolo fame, Loungo Pitse were also spotted around the premises the same weekend.

This is BW Entertainment News, you heard it first here.

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Spotted Gaona Tlhasana in NewYork


Spotted Gaona Tlhasana, BTV and RB2 personality looking absolutely stunning at New York’s Times Square. Mrs Tlhasana is one of fifteen Batswana selected to participate in the US President Barack Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative.


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Motamma Reveals Big Brother Secrets

Big Brother Africa is back. The reality tv show that puts together house mates from different countries has made waves again, calling you to be apart of their platform. The show has since paved success stories to some of our own Botswana representatives, the likes of Warona Setshwaelo and Oneal Madumo who have since left the country to pursue ‘greener pastures’. Big Brother auditions are said to be this weekend, starting on the 4th until the 5th of July. Now trending on facebook is former Big Brother house mate Motamma from Season 8, who shares with her fans tips on how to make it to Africa’s most talked about show.

BW Entertainment News shares with you these tips as well how to survive inside the Big Brother house courtesy of Motamma. With that said hope to see you this weekend and all the best house mate!


Since I qualified without having watched the show even once in my life, I’ll truly encourage you to stick to confidence and to never let your nerves get the better of you. After all that’s my winning secret every time I go live in anything, when others crack before a crowd/judges my confidence takes over and makes me flourish.


1. Make sure you are at least known or your social media accounts are up to date, for you are going to be googled and searched…so your name has to pop out…

2. You’d be watched 24/7 so you don’t want to come back and start explaining yourself, be sure that what you portray is totally you 100% for your fans are going to want to relate with what they saw on tv with real life.

3. Have a reason of going into the house because you are surely going to get what you want…

4. Know that going to BBA changes your life forever, on the contrary it’s not 15mins of fame, your name rings a bell all the time it’s mentioned and your presence is felt and noticed all the time, you are subjected to stares, whispers, pointing…you name it…so be sure you have the heart to kiss goodbye your old laid back life…

5. Go enjoy, it’s fun fun and more fun, if you love being treated as a star, if you want to grow your brand go, if you want to learn and see that we one Africa but different go experience…

6. As much as people like bad, don’t go and prioritise gossiping, always respect people’s cultures and nations, go make friends with all the housemates it’s useful after bba…

7. You don’t have to like everyone but hate is childish you sure don’t want to be that before the rest of the continent.

8. Have a team before going into the house but you not suppose to disclose information of your selection…

9. Believe that everything happens for a reason and that there’s 1 money winner but you a winner too for making it in and that every door is now open for you when you come back…

10. The last and most important thing is for you to be yourself always!but bare in mind that people may befriend you or hate you as their game plan, don’t slumber though continue being you, you’ll see if how they related with you is real after the bba experience.

So good luck, may the best farewell with you, remember you the face of your country, nor matter how much you may think you doing it for yourself, people would be seeing your country through you.

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Botswana Television’s Mystar Top5 Finalist, Tshegofatso Speaks Out

After weeks of intense vocal war, the journey of Mystar season 8 comes to an end this 4th of July. To date only five singers remain and this week two more will hang their microphones leaving three who will sing for the nation’s vote one last time to win over their support to pocket P100 000.

BW Entertainment News met up with one of the lucky few who made it into the top five, Tshegofatso Serite of My African Dream fame and here she shares her journey of Mystar 2014.

•Who is Tshegofatso?

Tshego is a 21 year old, humbled and loving young woman with dreams she’s not afraid to follow.

I am passionate about singing and I’ve been at it since I was a child. My memories of seriously learning to sing date back to when I was in primary school. This was around 2003. I used to find absolute pleasure in singing along to Celine Dion’s music with my cousin while doing our chores at home. I remember I used to sing a lot at school too, especially during assembly time. It always brought me peace and made me happy.

•Paving the dream

I still vividly remember my first performance in front of an audience, it was in 2008 when I first joined My African Dream talent search. It was very nerve wrecking but my strong sense of courage carried me all the way to the end of my song. I’m glad it did, because since then performing has became something I love with all of my heart and has become my profession.

•Joining Mystar?

It is actually funny, I had no plans to join Mystar this year. In fact the plan was to graduate from my studies at the University of Botswana first then join there after. But my aunt persuaded me to audition and I am glad she did. It was very scary the first time I auditioned in front of the judges but I told myself as I walked up the stage that I was going to do my best. I was relieved with joy when my name was called and I had made it to Mystar 2014 competition.

•The journey thus far?

It has been a beautiful season, I still shake at the thought that I made it this far. The amount of talent this time around is breath taking. I am really grateful to have made it into the top 5 and really hope to make it to the final 3. Winning would be wonderful and humbling too and with the support of the nation anything is possible.

The times I have been in the bottom I can say that its nothing but tough. You suddenly get an adrenaline surge that somehow helps sing better than you would under normal circumstances. And when the judges call your name, that’s always stomach settling because it means you get another chance to continue with the competition.

•The Challenges and Positives?

Every week is a challenge on its own, the pressure has taken another level. Each week we are assigned to learn four songs and if you’ve chosen songs you don’t know that week including the task song which we compose ourselves, it can get very difficult. That’s the challenge and you have to master these in a few days. Bad weeks are also hard to swallow in, its not always that the audience will respond to your expectations and that can leave me disappointed. But I’ve learned over the weeks to rise above it and work harder the following Friday. I still say nothing keeps you going and grounds you as receiving messages that I have touched so many people’s lives with my voice. I’ve also grown so much in the competition, the journey has indeed been life changing for me. Adding to that I’ve really trained myself to work under enormous pressure and my voice has improved so much.

•And winning My star, any last words?

Winning My star would help do a lot in terms of my career as a singer. This would be a dream come true for me.

I would love to say thank you so much to my fans. From the bottom of my heart I really appreciate the love, support and encouragement I got from you #team_tshego. You kept me going when the going was tough and when I was almost ready to loose hope. Thank you and I love you so much.

And with love too from us here at BW Entertainment News we wish you all the best of luck!

Remember the voting lines close today at noon. You can change a life today, keep voting for your favourite contestant.

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Botswana Craft to Host La Fête de la Musique 2014

What’s on and happening you ask? The Alliance Française of Gaborone in partnership with Orange Botswana, European Union, Ministry of Finance as well as Development Planning, bring you the 12th edition of the “Fête de la Musique” at Botswana Craft this afternoon.

La Fête de la Musique (Music Concert) is an annual international music event initiated in France since 1982. Every June musicians of different background and genres all over the world set alight different stages with a celebration of live performances at no cost.

This year, word reaches BW Entertainment News that La Fête de la Musique is set to host more than 30 local musicians, DJs and Dance groups from across the country. The likes of the award winning HipHop artist Zeus, the neo-sensational singer Samantha and BUMU award winning Jazz bird Nnunu are amongst the many talented musicians up on the menu for the 2014 La Fête de la Musique this afternoon.

From us at BW Entertainment News do keep warm, and safe and have yourself a beautiful festive!

Samantha Mogwe 
(Photos pulled from Facebook page)

Samantha Mogwe
(Photos pulled from Facebook page)

Photos from facebook page, not of BW Entertainment News

Photos from facebook page, not of BW Entertainment News

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Former Mantlwaneng Presenter, Marang Molosiwa Makes It Big in South Africa

Marang (right) Perfoming during the comedy show 'Who stole the E-Toll'

Marang (right) Perfoming during the comedy show ‘Who stole the E-Toll’

When the former Btv presenter kissed Mantlwaneng, a children’s edutainment program goodbye she did say she’ll be back. True to her words, Marang Molosiwa has recently warmed up her road back into our screens as well as our stages but hopefully this time internationally.

Sources close to her reveal that the 23 year old former presenter had been working on a local film 4 years ago when she validated her passion and love for acting. Soon after, rumours of her transfer from the University of Botswana where she apparently was studying Media studies where confirmed. Marang Molosiwa was there after spotted along the corridors of South Africa’s Jacaranda city, studying Drama at the University of Pretoria. The road between the two cities seemed to get shorter every year, with twitter updates hinting a love story right back here at home. However nothing is confirmed to BW Entertainment News about her long distance romance but one thing we do know for sure is that Miss Molosiwa has made it at long last graduating this past April with a Bachelor of Arts in Drama from the South African University.

This is indeed a great start and we at BW Entertainment News ululate your achievement. Welcome back, make us proud.

Congratulations Miss Molosiwa

Congradulations Miss Molosiwa

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Gugu Mavuma’s Wedding Captured in Black and White

Gugu Mavuma, former Botswana Television presenter and his darling wife Sadie Mosiakgabo are said to have indeed impressed, setting another high standard for BW Weddings.

This was a beautiful black and white themed affair, with so much intimacy and elegance. BW Entertainment News brings you exclusive pics of this beautiful love story.

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Dee Zone Premiers again

Word is out that Dee Zone is at it again. While most production companies struggle with a mere three minute slot at Botswana Television, they on the other hand seem to know which roller skates to slide in with. Founded by Thabiso Maretlwaneng, the local film and television company, no doubt has marked an impressive gap in Botswana’s television industry. Amongst their work currently showing on BTV is an HIV drama series Ntwakgolo, a youth program Letlhabile and now another entertainment show premiers this Saturday.

Pula Power, a vibrant local entertainment TV show will showcase a variety of Botswana’s artists including music videos as well as exclusive interviews. “Pula Power will be the pride and epitome of Botswana’s entertainment. Who ever said the revolution will not be televised need to be tuned into BTV this Friday and Saturday to experience the birth of television entertainment revolution.” Said a press statement on their facebook page. It is rumoured that a new face, Kefilwe Reetsang will kick start the show as the host along side Hip Hop artist Steez.

From us at BW Entertainment News, its a good morning to you!

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Cartertainment Corner

Sam Carter

Sam Carter


So apparently O’neal, previous RB2 radio personality of Big Brother Africa fame, has described our beloved country as boring on South African national television! Well I have something to say about it…of course.

I am not going to sit in this uncomfortable chair and claim that Botswana is the most fun country Matsieng has ever set foot on. Well, technically it is the only country he has ever been to, I don’t know if he had passport issues or what. But anyway the point is, Botswana isn’t exactly fun. Hell, our clubs close up at 2am, you can’t drink wherever you want, girls are friend-zoning guys beyond the legal limit calling us ”my guy”, ”tsalu”, ”brazen” and what not. And oh, you can’t walk around naked, trust me, I know.

But is Botswana boring, that’s the question, isn’t it?

Well, maybe…maybe not…which frankly, is neither here nor there. What is of importance is the fact that O’neal is an ass-kisser who just wants to impress South Africans by talking down on us. If that’s how he feels about our country, why didn’t he say that when he was here, on national TV and/or radio? He has had many chances to do that. Really If you have problems at home or in your relationship, you just don’t go around bad mouthing the other parties to other people. Say his girlfriend had a problem with him for some reason, maybe he farts in his sleep or he refuses to wash his boxer shorts on a regular basis, whatever…would he be thrilled if she told his neighbours about it? Makes me so mad I wanna punch him in the face…well, maybe not him because he’s kind of big and everything, but maybe his son…makes me so mad I wanna punch his son in the face. Assuming he has like a nine year old son or something.

If boring means sleeping at night not having to worry about the escalating crime rates, then i’ll stick to boring.
If boring means having to see your daughter go to school in the morning not worrying about her and 200 other little girls being kidnapped by some gang of lunatics with a stupid name (what the hell does Boko Haram mean anyway), then i’ll stick to boring. If boring means a country that gives free education to its citizens and protects them from both civil and international unrest, then hell yeah Botswana is boring. A country where the colour of your skin doesn’t deprive you of any benefits or privileges? And you go around messing with it…nigga shut the hell up.


This is Cartertainment Corner, on BW Entertainment News and I’m Sam Carter.


Single and Searching? Chengeta wants you!

The producers of the movie Four -Thirty and Mareledi drama series, Chengeta’s Boy Production (CBP) as promised, are indeed continuing their efforts to grow the film industry in Botswana.

Both the productions have been doing well with the movie Four-Thirty, a story that focuses on deliberate HIV transmission through cyber communication, representing Botswana internationally on platforms such as the 2013 African Film Festival.

Well It is now rumoured that the local production company is at it again with possibly another show up their sleeves. The television show dubbed BW Match Maker will seek to link single and searching people in an arranged blind date. It is also hoped BW Match maker will go further to explore the lives of the singles, discussing relationships that have gone wrong as well as a way forward. As of May 21st 2014, the show had already received close to 100 applications from singles hoping to score a paid date on camera.
However reached for comment Mr Ndinaye Chengeta said he could not disclose any information at the moment as the show is still in its early stages of production.

BW Entertainment News also received a scoop that the show is in search for presenters, attracting especially a large number of young women trafficking up the page with their portraits, in hopes to meet this rare criteria of their audition.

From us at BW Entertainment news, thumbs up! Hope it all goes well.

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DjFizz Brings sexy to DJSly

She comes off as a reserved, kept aback young lady but as she begins to talk a sense of confidence and self-assurance perfumes the room, making it very difficult not to want to know this vibrant young star. You’ve heard her on RB2 the Easy Drive show, Botswana Television’s Flava Dome now this young lady is seen crossing boarders into South Africa as well. She is Jessica ‘Sexxy DjFizz’ Lejage and BW Entertainment News brings you a one on one exclusive with the popular DJ.


From a young age I knew I would end up somewhat as an entertainer, but I had no idea destiny had disc joking in mind,” says the twenty four year old DJ.
I was only in my mid-teens when I first heard a house track. It was playing on the radio and I was hooked, it drove me mad I went to school the following morning with the melody at the tip of my tongue. By then I wasn’t familiar with disc joking, I believe I even confused radio personalities for DJs. It was then that I started paying attention to this new genre of music, years past and my love grew. When I finished form 5 I had nothing to do, my friend Aldiar knew how to work the decks and it was he who introduced me to my destiny. At the time I was only learning for the love of music, I never imagined one day it’ll be putting food in my plate. I still laugh when I recall how nervous the jog wheel used make me feel. But I am glad I learned, because this was a door way to greater and bigger things. A month later Dj Kyno invited me to a party, he then suggested I disc jog, this was to go down in the books of history as my best life decision. He quickly noticed my talent and kept inviting me to more gigs. I played for free for a long time, no one really took me seriously then one night, fait opened her doors to me I was spotted by Tman. I landed my first club job there after and as they say the rest is history.

The entertainment industry is somewhat not woman friendly, for the reason that society expects us to uphold ourselves in a particular way. Going out at night is still very much labelled “men activity”. But it is important for parents and the society at large to realize that times have changed, we must move away from the believe that becoming doctors or architects is the only way forward. We must acknowledge and nurture our children’s creative side not everyone is a born academic. I think that is one of the reasons I studied accounting. Although my mother is very supportive, the idea took time to settle in. Then she would not have allowed me to pursue disc-joking as a full time career. Adding to that, Botswana is still a very small populated country; I believe that is why the entertainment industry is still failing to sustain our lively hood…passion alone cannot feed us, we need that passion to be complemented with income so that we may continue doing what we love most. As therefore work still needs to be done to arrive at an international level where entertainment is a full time career for both men and women. I must say though the challenges are there but hard work and perseverance pays all the time. I suppose I am where I am because of determination, my strong sense of confidence as well a daily dose of prayer and faith in God.
I have played at a number of events some paying , some charitable gigs but the one that bought me the crown of respect as “DJ Fizz”, the one that made the nation stop to pay attention at the woman behind the decks has to be my appearance on Flava Dome (a music show on Botswana Television). It widened my fan base, it feels good to be walking in a mall and being approached by strangers wishing me well and acknowledging my skills. My outstanding achievements to this day were being selected to be the first local female DJ to perform at the Boosta Bash and making more history: named the first lady of Groove CarTell. To mention a few, I have played at the Rejuvenation Party, Savanna Beach Party, Summer Explosion, End of Term madness, GrooveCarTel album launch, Beach Party, Ladies night with Zinhle, Vee Album’s launch and so many others. Recently I have been travelling to South Africa, Pampierstad for more gigs and the exposure has been amazing.

I am a club DJ which means interaction with my fans has moved from just the corners of a club to everywhere. Getting a slot on radio has been life changing. People call in at work, in combis, in shops to appreciate my talent. Although the late night calls from strangers and prank calls I usually receive can be taunting, I’ve learnt it comes with the territory. I’ve learned to make peace with the fact they will always be those who will still disrespect women DJs and that it shouldn’t affect me. But overall the feel of knowing millions of people are listening to my work is beyond moving. I am humbled and grateful.

I am very grateful for the opportunities that have come my way. The people who helped me get this far. The night is still young, I hope to produce soon and release my debut solo album. I’m here to stay to prove a point that females can survive in a male dominated environment and that nothing is impossible.





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One Motswana To Pocket P50 000

Signed International

Signed International

Produced and Directed by Johnson Otlaadisa, now actors all over the country can get a golden chance to be signed Internationally. The winner will walk away with a cash price of P50 000 and a talent management contract with one of South Africa’s biggest casting agencies, Talent Etc.
The reality show which premiered on our local television station, BTV a little over ten weeks ago has been a popular hit especially amongst our youthful audience.

From a nation wide talent search the best five actors and five actresses where selected. The panel of expects and judges behind the selection includes the likes of Eunice Wadikonyana a well know name in the industry as well as the Head Writer of the reality show Tumelo Chaba of Bandleng Season 1. A few familiar faces dominating the entertainment industry are also seen in the reality show. The gorgeous Tlotlo Lemmenyane, once spotted on another local tv show presents Signed International along side Enelys Eyman.
The journey so far has been fun and challenging for the participants, who also admit that hard work always pays. Every Friday at 06:05pm the viewers at home get the opportunity to see their training sessions as well as their acting scenes. There after the judges deliberate their performance giving it a ‘yay or nay’!

This week will be yet another nerve wrecking episode as the judges get closer to their top 5. The nation will hold their breath once more as two others will be eliminated this Friday and one will resurrect. Gouveiya‬, ‪Kamogelo‬, ‪Tshepo‬ and ‪Roger‬, who will resurrect? The nation awaits! However still on the race for the cash price is Khumo Maakwe‬, Otlhomame Thibelang‬, ‪Kgomotso Ratsie‬, ‪Kgomotso Ramakoba‬, Tshegofatso Nkepu‬ and ‪Arifah Abdulla‬.

The chase to find Botswana’s best actor comes to an end in a few weeks and the grand finale approaches. Who will walk away with the cash price, we wonder!

The television show is brought to you by Cowhorn Productions.

We at BW Enews rate this show a ten and wish the actors all the best of luck!

Tlotlo and Enelys

Tlotlo and Enelys

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Gaborone On A Fashion High

To grease your knuckles before the launch of Botswana’s first Fashion Magazine, this May 31st will be a night to remember at Gaborone’s closest lounge to the Sky.

“We as Ramp Fashion Magazine want to build a culture of saying its okay to dress up and go out.” Mr Teshawn Miller revealed in an interview with BW Enews. The anticipated event is expected to bring all fashion industry players and lovers under one roof to mix and mingle under the sounds of local DJs.

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Wedding Bug Hits Town

Well it does seem local celebrities have caught wedding bugs this season. One of Botswana’s most successful musicians Odirile Vee Sento is said to have declared his ‘I dos” to the mother of his 7 year old son, Kagiso De Klerk – Sento yesterday. Wedding celebrations will be this weekend at an undisclosed venue, hosting close to 400 of Botswana’s most elite.

Their wedding follows Radio personality, Dj Goveiyor of Chino mudada fane’s wedding celebrations in Francistown this past weekend as well as neo-soul artist Samantha Mogwe’ s white wedding on the 8th of this month.

From us at Bw Enews we wish you happy marriages.10295752_10203533248028873_2557482991858777708_n